Gartner Group Research

Georgetown University contracts research and advisory services from the Gartner Group. These services include analysis published by Gartner in research areas such as Application Development and Management Strategies, Enterprise Network Strategies, Health Care Technologies, and Integrated Document and Output Management among others.

The published research consists primarily of short commentaries on industry news, new products, best practices, and strategies with occasional long in-depth Strategic Analysis Reports which go into specific application and/or technology areas.

Published analysis and research is available to current Georgetown students, faculty, and staff by using the login link on this page and entering a valid University NetID and password. You must use the login link located on this page to initiate access to the Gartner web site.

Important Notices

In order to provide access to published research, we supply limited personal information to Gartner. The information released consists only of your first and last name, and Georgetown e-mail address. If you do not wish this limited personal information to be released to Gartner, do not login.

Gartner Group, Inc. holds the copyright for all documents made available through this service. These documents are available to Georgetown students, faculty, and staff through a licensing agreement between University Information Services and Gartner. These materials may not be distributed to other persons without specific permission from Gartner Group. Gartner will grant permission under appropriate circumstances. Write to gartner@georgetown.edu should you wish to obtain such permission or require additional information.